The Vision


Our Vision is a healthier, stronger coastal world for communities: people and the environment. 

The Pacific is a beautiful, fish stocked region of the world and fishing equipment is an accessible tool for one of New Zealanders favourite hobbies. However, this is not the case for people in remote, developing coastal communities in the pacific. Unlike us Kiwis they use fishing gear for subsistence living.

 We need your help. 
We need your old gear so that we can take it to the pacific and distribute it to people living in the remote villages who don't have the means to obtain the equipment by themselves. Let Them Fish will also provide education focused on how to maximise and maintain their new equipment as well as how to fish sustainably to ensure their precious resource can last for generations to come. 

This will have an immeasurable impact on the wellbeing of generations that face constant struggle for sufficient food supply. Not only due to a lack of equipment but also the increasing pressure faced from commercial fisheries robbing the fish stocks that belong to the locals.

With your support we can help them to help themselves and there is a number of ways you can  make a difference.


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Where to next

As the organisation grows, we intend to expand collection points across New Zealand, therefore collecting more gear and enabling us to spread our networks on the ground in the Pacific with the ultimate goal of helping and benefiting the lives of as many people as possible. 

A big current concern of ours is the people of Fiji who were affected by the destruction of Cyclone Winston in February 2016. Not only were homes destroyed but also coral reefs and fish habitats, therefore significantly reducing a primary food source for many people. We intend to provide those affected with the tools to sustain themselves and families and successfully rebuild the destroyed fishery.


Negative Impacts to Pacific Fishery

We are extremely conscious of negative fisheries impacts; in terms of fish stocks and environmental destruction.

It is important to realise that LTF is not just a giving charity but also a medium for encouragement and education of sustainable development for small communities that rely on their local fish stocks as a food source and a crucial element in their environment.


Because of these potential negative impacts, we have a large emphasis on gear going to the right subsistence communities in remote areas who are dependant on fisheries. These environments are low impact survival fisheries and we are providing fishermen and woman the tools to partake in more selective and therefore sustainable fishing practises. This means with the right equipment, fishermen are able to have a selection of the fish they take, taking more large fish than small fish. This allows the inshore fishery population to grow, so that more fish will be available for future generations. 


LTF intends to play a role in the development (to an optimum level) of one of the biggest natural resources on the planet - the Pacific Fishery. In doing so, we will take into account all people and environments with the intention of benefiting the people whilst protecting the natural environment.